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Transform Your Cosmetic Treatments with These Supplies


You’re probably visiting GPSDent for your regular dental supplies shop, but you can also stock up on supplies and equipment for cosmetic treatments too in the process. To help you on your way with these supplies, we thought we’d give our recommendations on what to purchase for your cosmetic procedures. Let’s get started…

LED Dental Curing Light w/Built In Caries Detector

We would recommend the LED Dental Curing Light w/Built In Caries Detector. Of course, this does require a bit of investment, but purchasing this dental curing light will certainly improve the quality of your treatments. If you are in the market for a curing light, we would definitely advise you to stay away from the cheap low-quality curing lights, which are often sold with no warranty and won’t last you for very long. I’ve heard stories of people having to replace these cheap lights within six months of purchase.

This particular LED Dental Curing Light takes just three seconds to cure. This is made possible thanks to the high 2400 mW/cm2 light intensity that the curing light offers. There are a number of different modes available:

  • Low
  • Ramp
  • Standard
  • High
  • Plaque Inspect
  • Caries Inspect

A good feature of this light is that it comes with a built-in radiometer, which we found easy to use and rather useful during procedures to glance at. To maximize safety, both for the dentist and the patient, the unit is fitted with the latest heat management technology, which prevents any overheating because of continuous use. The risk of over-heating is minimal in the first place, because the lights are powered by low heat emitting LEDs.

Nano-Hybrid Light Curing Composite (Compules)

Another product we would recommend are these Nano-Hybrid Light Curing Composite Compules. The compules are formulated using a cutting-edge nano-hybrid composite, which is a unique mixture of micro- and nano-fillers. When we used the Nano-Hybrid Light Curing Composite Compules for the first time, we noticed that it produces a superior restorative solution for all dentists.

Other advantages of these compules include:

  • Low polymerization shrinkage. This is due to high loading and particle size blending.
  • Post-operative sensitivity for the patient is reduced due to the high marginal integrity of the product. Because of this, the chances of micro leakage from occurring are reduced.

We would recommend that you use this product for both anterior and posterior restorations, as well as Class I - V restorations.

ProFil™ Flow Flowable Restorative Material

Another supply to consider is this ProFil™ Flow Flowable Restorative Material. This particular composite comes highly recommended from dentists right across the US and beyond.

This flowable composite produced by ProFil™ Flow is a visible-light activated and radiopaque composite, which is easy to work with and delivers good results. The composite is ideal for use with filling cavities because of the excellent flowable consistency characteristics.

Strip Saw 8MM 6/PK

Don’t forget to purchase this Strip Saw 8MM. This is a high-quality serrated saw manufactured with the finest stainless steel, which is ideal for use in opening embrasures. It can also be used with opening contacts during restorative procedures.

LED-C Woodpecker Curing Light

Another curing light that you should consider is the LED-C Woodpecker Curing Light. There are three different modes with this curing light - full, ramping and pulse. The light comes fitted with a timer and is able to offer alerts to the dental professional at 5, 10, 15, 20 second intervals.

Because of the cordless operation, it is a versatile addition to any treatment room. If I am being honest, I’ve always found corded curing lights more difficult to use. The battery is long-lasting, and when it has to be replaced, this can be done in a matter of seconds.

This particular curing light emits blue waves at a frequency of 421-480mm, and also offers an autoclavable light guide of 8mm. For solidifying the resin, the curing light uses the principle of ray radiation. This is because the resin is light sensitive, and by shooting at it, the resin quickly sets.

Self-Etch Bonding Agent

You may also want to take a look at this Self-Etch Bonding Agent. This bonding agent is in its 7th generation. It is excellent for etching, priming and bonding to enamel and dentine in equal measure. The bonding agent comes in a bottle, which is 5ml in volume.

Unit Dose Dispenser Gun

For dispensing, you may wish to make use of this Unit Dose Dispenser Gun, which is excellent for the safe delivery of composite resin restoratives and cements to the treatment site.

The gun can be used with both high and low viscosity materials, depending on your requirements. The advantage of this particular Unit Dose Dispenser Gun is that it can be used with an autoclave. This is because it is sterilizable, which is ideal for aseptic control. When we tested the dispenser gun, we found the gun to be compatible with both plastic or metal-ended unit dose tips.

Ledex Dental Curing Light

Lastly, another curing light we would recommend you take a look at is this Ledex Dental Curing Light. This curing light is very easy to operate, thanks to the crystal-clear display and easy to use functionality. You can expect the light to cure over 3mm in 10 seconds, thanks to the LED lights (5W) that are fitted.

As with the other curing lights mentioned, it is fitted with heat management technology to ensure the light doesn’t overheat. We would recommend using this curing light cordlessly, as it can be quite hard to use when it is corded, as we found it difficult to operate. If you do decide to use it cordlessly, make sure you remember to plug it in to the mains to ensure it is fully charged. It is available in a number of different colors, so you can pick the one you fancy!