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The Top 4 Pieces of Dental Equipment to Add to your Treatment Room


Investing in the latest dental equipment is essential for offering the most cutting edge and safe treatments to your patients. There is a multitude of technology being developed in the dental industry, so we thought we would examine four of the latest pieces of equipment that we stock right here at GPSDent, that we think will improve your treatments.

Bio/Screen Oral Examination Light

First up, we have the Bio/Screen Oral Examination Light. This examination light helps in identifying and diagnosing oral mucosal abnormalities. These abnormalities are of course difficult to detect with the naked eye, so the Bio/Screen Oral Examination Light takes away this difficulty and allows you to easily look for this condition.

The way this examination light works is by using five LEDs. Each of these little LED lights produces a violet colored beam of light, which results in the biofluorescence of the mouth. There is no need to turn the lights of the treatment room off when you use the equipment. The device is powered using a high capacity lithium ion battery, which can easily be recharged. It is thought the battery can complete 500 recharges, meaning it can potentially last for around 5 years of usage. The manufacturers have been careful to integrate a built-in safety circuit to protect the battery.

As with some examination lights, overheating can be a problem, especially after prolonged usage. This is not the case with the Bio/Screen, because it makes use of technology that prevents overheating, meaning there is no need for a fan. This ensures that the examination light operates silently, which will have the added benefit of relaxing your patients.

When the battery is close to running out, the examination light will continue to operate at full beam until the battery is empty. This means that the light doesn’t gradually dim as the battery becomes worn out, which ensures that the examination light works consistently. To further conserve battery life, the light will switch itself off after a period of five minutes of idleness.

The ease with which you can see the abnormal tissue with the Bio/Screen Oral Examination Light can be seen with this image:

The image on the left features a child’s mouth with a mild case of dysplasia. This is a lot easier to detect when using the Bio/Screen Oral Examination Light on the right. As you can see, this piece of equipment can greatly improve your diagnostic processes.

iCAM Intraoral Video Camera

Another product we would recommend is the iCAM Intraoral Video Camera. This camera is super easy to use and install. We believe that the quality of this camera broadly mirrors other popular cameras such as the SuniCam and the DexCam. This is a camera that you can easily use with a tablet or a laptop (both Mac and Windows). When you are looking to buy any intraoral camera, make sure that it is compatible with software such as the MiPacs/Dental Eye offering. The 1.3 MP resolution of the camera is able to offer a clear view of the oral cavity. This is a great all-round camera, made better by the presence of a 1-year warranty.

QuickRay dental x-ray sensor

A dental x-ray sensor is an essential purchase for all dental offices. We would recommend the QuickRay dental x-ray sensor for its excellent resolution and overall clarity. There is no interface box required for this sensor, because all you need to do is connect the sensor to your computer via a USB port. It is possible to view X-rays in USB 2.0, which makes it one of the fastest dental x-ray sensors for sale.

The intraoral sensors of the QuickRay are quite thin – measuring in at less than 0.25 inches. It also contains a CMOS image sensor chip, as well as shielding foils and shock absorbers. The housings of the sensor are made using polyamide and there are also polyurethane cables, which are replaceable. All in all, the QuickRay offers overall patient comfort thanks to the rounded corners and smooth edges of the product.

Undoubtedly one of the most attractive aspects of the QuickRay is the amount of time it saves. It only takes around three seconds for the X-Ray images to be projected onto the viewing screen for the dentist to analyze. This makes the Quickray dental x-ray sensor one of the fastest intraoral dental sensors in the industry! You can see how highly we think of this product.


One of the most ingenious pieces of modern dental technology is the X-Ray2Go. This is an x-ray generator which can be held in the dentist’s hand, and it works by using a high frequency inverter to produce an x-ray output, which is stable, with DC high voltage. What makes this x-ray generator particularly interesting is that it minimizes the exposure to x-rays that a patient and dentist will have.

The LCD window of the X-Ray2Go offers a lot of interesting information to the dentist when it is being used. It can show:

  • The Exposure time to the x-rays that a patient has.
  • Shows the operation status of the unit.
  • Amount of Battery left so the unit doesn’t cut out mid-way through a treatment.

Because it almost looks like a glorified camera, it doesn’t seem as intimidating to the patient, which puts them at ease and makes the process of taking an x-ray a simple undertaking. It is important to note that the X-Ray2Go is registered and authorized for use by the FDA. Gone are the days where these portable dental x-rays are only being used in the military and on field trips, as many dentists are using this product to replace an existing x-ray.

As you can see, there is lots of exciting new technology available to dentists. If you need any questions or queries answered, be sure to get in touch with us, and one of our helpful team will message you back as soon as possible.