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The Essential Oral Accessories That All Dental Offices Need


Shopping for dental supplies is often an arduous and stressful task that is crucial to the operation of the day to day running of the dental office. It can sometimes be very difficult to try and remember all the different accessories that you need, and there is nothing more annoying than forgetting to order a key piece of kit! To reduce the likelihood of this occurring, we thought we’d list some of the accessories you will need to order during your next supplies shop.

Alginate Substitute

This polyvinylsiloxane alternative material is ideal if you are looking for a substitute for Alginate, which can be used for carrying out various impressions. Using this particular brand of Alginate Substitute, I was able to take an exact representation of the patient’s mouth with ease.

It can be used for the creation of study models and also for opposing dentition impressions. It really is great for orthodontic modelling. In terms of how long it takes to set, we measured a time of two minutes for the material to set, but maybe give it three minutes just to be sure. The impression material is flavored with mint to ensure it is palatable for the patient. Happy patients is key!

Dental Needles

Dental needles are probably one of the most important accessories to order. Each box of needles we sell comes with 100 needles. The quality of these needles is second to none, as each needle is made with the finest stainless steel complete with a polypropylene hub and an accompanying aluminium insert. To ensure safety, there is a lot number attached to each unit, which details the size of each needle to ensure you select the right needle for your patient, eliminating any potential mistakes. The color coding also helps you quickly identify the right size of needle when you are under pressure of time.

Micro Applicators

It is crucial that you add some Micro Applicators to your dental supplies shopping list. These particular Micro Applicators are suitable to be used with bonding agents and etchants, as well as hemostatic solutions. A common problem with Applicators is that they never stay bent, but this is not a problem with these Applicators. It is simple to mould the shape you require, and it stays that shape, even after use. I found that hard to reach areas of the patient’s mouth were accessible using these Micro Applicators. They are suitable to be used on minors and are available in a number of different colors, which makes it simple to keep track of the Micro Applicators that you use in a multi-step procedure.

Disposable Scalpel Blades Sterile - Stainless Steel

Stainlesssteel scalpel blades are another necessary purchase. Each individual scalpel blade comes individually packaged in a peel-off pouch, which is easy to remove, and ensures safety. The blades are designed to be disposable and are available in six different types, as shown above.

GPS Topical Anaesthetic Gel

Make sure you add some GPS Topical Anaesthetic Gel to your supplies order. This gel is suitable for oral mucosal application and contains 20% Benzocaine for numbing the gums of the patient. It only takes around 15-20 seconds for the effect to begin and the numbing lasts for approximately 12 to 15 minutes, which should give you plenty of time for you to complete the treatment, and there is no systemic absorption. If you are looking for a gel that offers smooth application, and offers consistent lubrication with great anaesthetic properties, look no further than our GPS Topical Anaesthetic Gel. To order this gel, you must provide us with your DEA number, which can be inserted in the order instructions and comments section.

Utility Syringes - Curved

It may be a good idea to order a box of our Curved Utility Syringes. These syringes are useful when you need to complete surgical site and post-surgical home irrigations on your patients. These 12cc syringes are designed to be disposable and are suitable to be used with impression materials which are rubber and silicone based. Each box comes with 50 syringes.

Sharps Containers

For the disposable of sharp blades, it is essential for each treatment room to have sharp containers. These containers offer an environmentally effective solution for the disposal of needles, sharps, and other small medical waste. Don’t worry, these sharps containers have full compliance with state and federal regulations.

Fog Free Mirror Defogger

Crucial for keeping your mirrors clear, we’d recommend buying a bottle of Fog Free Mirror Defogger. The defogger is effective at eliminating image distortion and mirror fogging when using high-speed handpieces. This increases the effectiveness of your treatments.

Probe Irrigation Pre-Tipped 3cc Syringes

These Probe Irrigation Pre-Tipped 3cc syringes are a useful purchase. They are available in two of the most popular styles of bendable tips. To allow easy identification, the syringes themselves are color coded. Each box comes with one hundred syringes and each syringe will have a closed end irrigation needle tip.

Infusor Tip Bent

These Infusor Tip Bents are available in packs of 100 and are single use in nature. To enable optimal entry for the dentist, the cannula is curved. Due to the soft bristle end of the Infusor Tip Bent, this allows non-evasive brushing of solutions. These tips come pre-bent, which eliminates the need for the dentist to manually bend the tip. The Infusor Tip makes use of a universal luer lock style hub. Size wise, the Infusor Tops are 19ga.

Bur Blocks – Magnetic

Lastly, we would recommend that you add these Magnetic bur blocks to your cart. The blocks are able to offer accessible storage for FG and RA burs. They are suitable to be used with autoclave machines, thanks to the durable resin construction of the blocks.

For more oral accessories, you may wish to check out http://www.gpsdent.com/oral-accessories/ for other accessories that we have not covered in this article. As ever, if you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us!