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8 Restorative Supplies That All Dental Offices Need


For treatments, every dental office needs restorative supplies. When doing a dental supplies shop, it can be difficult to remember what to buy. I have been guilty in the past of only realizing I am missing vital supplies when I am about to embark on a procedure for a patient. To prevent this from happening, we thought we’d highlight the important pieces of restorative equipment and supplies you will need. Let’s get started!

Bulk EZ Dual Cure Restorative Composite

Make sure you stock up on Bulk EZ Dual Cure Restorative Composite. We would recommend that you use this composite with direct restorations. When you squeeze the tube, the composite is able to flow freely, but it is able to quickly solidify once you complete the curing process. After curing, the composite is able to possess the same properties as a traditional light cure composite, with high radiopacity.

Because of the self-cure indicators, it is possible to achieve an unlimited depth of cure. The composite is able to be used effectively with all methacrylate-based dental bonding agents that we know of. Bulk EZ is available in three different shades of color (VITA A1, A2 and A3).

Bulk EZ can be used with the following:

  • Direct restorations (preferably for Class I and II procedures)
  • Cavity liner
  • Core Build-up
  • Luting post

Each trial kit comes packaged with

  • Bulk EZTM A1 syringe (x1)
  • Bulk EZTM A2 syringe (x1)
  • Bulk EZTM A3 syringe (x1)
  • Bulk EZTM 17 gauge mixing tips (x10)
  • Bulk EZTM 19 gauge mixing tips (x10)
  • ZNano TM A2 unit dose (x5)

Dentin Desensitizer with Fluoride

Dentin Desensitizer with Fluoride is perfect for helping to prevent dentinal hypersensitivity in patients. It is simple to administer and use as part of a normal chairside procedure. The way it is able to reduce hypersensitivity is to close up the dentinal tubules of the patient, and it is able to do this in just a few seconds.

As we know, bacteria plays a role in sensitivity, and by using this Desensitizer, the growth of bacteria is interrupted. When we tried out the Dentin Desensitizer, we found that it was easy to apply and dried very quickly compared to other Desensitizer products we have used in the past. Each bottle contains 10ml of formula for you to try.

Cavity Liner with ACP

Next up, we would recommend Cavity Liner with ACP. We found that this Cavity Liner was easy to apply, and is able to attach to all composites and adhesives that we use on a day to day basis. With each order, there are two 3ml syringes of the Cavity Liner.

Dispensing Gun - 4:1 & 10:1 HP Cartridge

The dispensing gun is necessary for carefully extruding impression materials into the patient’s mouth. It can also be used for bite registration materials from cartridges.

For ease of use, the dispensing gun has both a release lever and a plunger. This allows the dental professional to simultaneously load and remove the cartridge. This is an essential piece of equipment, so make sure you purchase one today.

Dual Cure Flowable Core Build-Up Material

Another product to consider is Dual Cure Flowable Core Build-Up material . The Dual Cure Flowable Core Build-Up material has both high flexural and compressive strength. It is ideal for use in procedures where it is difficult for light to be shown upon the treatment site.

We found that the material was able to quickly polymerize thanks to the dual curing properties that the material possesses. In terms of curing time, it only takes a few seconds for it to be light cured, For self-curing, it is able to be cured in just under five minutes.

Intermediate Restorative Material (50G Powder 15ml Liquid)

RM Intermediate Restorative material is perfect for use during intermediate restorations (which are only to remain in place for around one year). The material is able to offer sedative qualities on tooth pulp, which is hypersensitive, due to the eugenol that the material has within it. It is generally agreed by dental professional that this acts as a great thermal insulator.

It is also common for the IRM Intermediate Restorative material to be used as a base under cements during procedures. There are of course other ways in which the material could be used, such as for emergency placement prior to complete treatment. We have found that this material has a similar strength to zinc phosphate cement. It is also great for abrasion resistance, which ensures efficient sealing properties and low solubility.

Self-Curing Permanent Resin Cement (7ml Automix Syringe with 6 Tips)

Self-Curing Permanent Resin Cement is a multi-purpose cement that has received excellent reviews from dentists who have used it on a daily basis. They praise the self-curing and self-adhesive nature of the cement. It is commonly used in procedures such as permanent cementation of crowns, bridges and also veneers.

We found that the cement also has a high bond strength, which makes it a very strong cement, and is insoluble in oral fluids, which makes it long lasting. Post-operative discomfort is reduced because of the cement’s biocompatibility. This is a fantastic versatile cement, which doesn’t contain any eugenol, so why not give it a try and see what you think.

Hemostat 30cc Bottle

This bottle of Hemostat 30cc is able to guard against minor gingival bleeding from occurring. It is important to note that the product doesn’t contain any epinephrine, which prevents any cardiac reactions in your patients.

Hemostat has a good shelf life because of its stability. We have found it is perfect for stopping and halting any bleeding because of crown preparations and during filling procedures. It can also be used for stopping bleeding associated with minor surgery, gingivectomies, as well as gingivoplastys and deep scaling.

So, if you buy all of these eight restorative supplies, you will not have any material shortages during restorative procedures. If you need any help or recommendations on which products to purchase for your dental office, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Restorative Supplies That Every Dental Office Needs

Every dental office needs a supply of materials and equipment for carrying out effective restorative dental procedures. It can be hard to remember what you need until you realize that you have run out of something, so we thought we’d highlight the key pieces of equipment and supplies you will need. So, without further ado, let’s begin!Bulk EZ Dual [...]

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