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Questions You Should Ask to Help You Find the Best Dental Handpiece Repair Service


It is impossible for a dentist to practice without a fully functional dental handpiece that is safe to use. I know from personal experience, that I often feel a bit lost without my handpiece that I use every day. I think every dentist has their own preferred handpiece brand, and they get used to the overall size and speed of the equipment, as well as the unquantifiable “feel” that the handpiece provides. We know how the dental handpiece is important to you, so we at GPS Dent have decided to write down questions that you should ask your handpiece repair service to ensure you are getting the very best service.

We would recommend that when buying a dental handpiece, that you stick with a handpiece which comes from a reputable brand. This means that when it comes to repair and maintenance, a handpiece repair service is able to have the parts available to repair and they will have the knowledge on how to fix it. No matter which handpiece you buy, make sure that it comes with a long-lasting warranty! If not, select a handpiece that does.

Once the manufacturer warranties have passed, it is time to make use of a handpiece repair and maintenance service. We would recommend that you take your time deciding which handpiece repair service to use, as you want to entrust your equipment with a competent and reliable company who will offer the best repairs.

To help you select the right service, here are four questions we believe that you must ask each handpiece repair service you consider.

Question 1 – Does the handpiece repair service offer a free no obligation request?

No obligation quotes are essential in this day and age. If you send your handpiece in for repair, it may not be economical to repair the handpiece, as it may be cheaper to buy a new handpiece. The best handpiece repair services should offer free estimates and provide advice as to whether the handpiece should be repaired or not.

Question 2 – Do all repairs come with a warranty?

Having warranties that come with each repair is necessary to ensure that the repairs that are carried out on your handpiece continue to work on a longer-term basis. Some dental handpiece repairs services don’t offer any warranties, and these services are best avoided. Don’t be taken in by the inexpensive price tag for repairs – they are that price for a reason.

You want to enlist the services of a dental handpiece repair specialist who provides a warranty of at least 3 months, or even 6 months for some handpieces. Of course, this will depend on the repair being carried out. You want a service that stands by the quality of their repairs with a warranty of this length. This can save you a lot of money on repairs and new equipment in the future, so you should see a warranty as an investment. It is important you know what the warranty covers. If it is too good to be true, then it usually is! Be careful!

Question 3 – Does the Dental Handpiece Repair Service Offer Unbeatable Customer Service?

Customer service is a vital aspect of the dental handpiece repair service. If the turnaround time is far more than what it should be, then make sure you at least bring it up with your chosen repair service. Or, if they promise a 24-hour turnaround time, make sure they are sticking to their promises. If you are not getting a good feeling about the people you are using to repair your dental handpiece, then look for another service. You want to be made to feel important each time you use the repair service.

The best repair services allow you to speak with the person who will make the repair. They can provide an insight into how easy or difficult the repair would be to make, as well as an expected turnaround time for the repair. Of course, it is difficult for them to offer an exact turn around time without seeing the handpiece for themselves.

Question 4 - Does the dental handpiece repair specialist make use of high-quality parts for every repair?

The last thing you want to do is to use a repair service that uses poor quality cheap imported parts from the Far East to repair your handpiece. This could not only invalidate your warranty, but also cause lasting damage to your handpiece. You will need to make sure that they use the very best parts for each and every repair. If the repairs costs appear to be lower than you might expect, this may sound an alarm bell for poor parts being used in the repair. After every repair, do your own checks to make sure that the repair is up to scratch.

You also might want to use a service that has been in business for a few years, or a service that your other colleagues have used. Personal recommendations should be acted upon! You don’t want to hand over your expensive handpiece to a company that you don’t know!

GPS Dent offer a fantastic dental handpiece repair service that ticks all the boxes and satisfies all the questions above.

We offer no obligation quotes for all handpiece repairs, and we will provide advice as to whether it is economical to repair your handpiece or whether you should buy a new piece altogether. Each repair also comes with a warranty of between three and six months. The length of the warranty depends on the repair being undertaken, so we will let you know about how long the warranty is for each repair we complete.

Our customer service is also second to none. For most repairs, we are able to offer a 24-hour turnaround time. We can do this thanks to the large inventory of repair parts for the most common handpieces that we keep in stock. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a try today and you will not be disappointed!

For more information, check out http://www.gpsdent.com/handpiece-repair/