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Protect Your Patients and Staff with these Sterilization Products!


Sterilization is one of the key concerns of any dental practice. The risk of getting patients or staff infected with illnesses transmitted through contaminated equipment is quite high. The human mouth is home to an incredible array of bacteria; saliva and blood are transmission vectors for many diseases and illnesses.

Suffice it to say, keeping all of your instrumentation and equipment adequately sterilized is an important part of the day-to-day operations of your practice.

Sterilization Pouches with Built-in Internal Indicator

There’s always a sense of uncertainty after you run equipment through a sterilizer. Has it actually reached the optimum temperature? Is the equipment actually sterile?

These sterilization pouches with built-in internal indicator are just the thing to give you peace of mind.

Having an internal indicator means you can see if the pouch reached the optimum temperature where it really matters — inside the pouch. External indicators only tell you if the outside of the pouch was sterilized, which is less useful. It doesn’t take into account any heat absorbed by the pouch itself.

Steam Sterilization Indicator Strips

Do you use steam sterilization for some of your equipment?

Unlike cleaning something in an autoclave, steam cleaners don’t use pouches for your instrumentation. How do you check to see if optimum temperatures were achieved with steam cleaning?

Simple; use these steam sterilizer indicator strips.

These strips go straight on your instruments and let you know if they’ve hit the right temperature. Once you’re done, they’re easy to remove and don’t compromise the sterilization of your tools.

Note these strips are for steam sterilization only — they won’t work in other devices!

Sterilization Wrap

Sterilization Wrap (CSR) is the perfect tool for general purpose sterilization.

It can be used for working instruments by protecting against water and airborne bacteria, as well as used to wrap over tools for cleaning. This CSR wrap conforms easily around many shapes and sizes of cassettes, allowing excellent penetration of various methods of sterilization.

You can use this sterilization wrap with steam, ETO and gamma.

Heat Sealer & Accessories

Nylon sterilization tubing is a simple and easy way to protect and collect your instruments while they clean. With this heat sealer and accessories kit, you’ll get everything your need to quickly and easily wrap anything you need.

The clear plastic nylon is durable, and suitable for heat sterilization, autoclave, dry heat or chemical sterilizers. You can also get roll refills as necessary.

With these sterilization products, you’ll help to protect yourself, your patients, and your staff from the spread of water and airborne bacteria. Sterilization is a key component of everyday dental practice obligations and requirements; GPS discount dental makes it easy and painless to adhere to these requirements.