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Look After Your Treatment Room With These Products


It is crucial to look after your treatment room and the products and equipment contained within it. This is why investing in these barrier products listed below are essential for keeping all your fixtures and fittings clean. When you do this, you will quickly notice improved longevity of expensive pieces of equipment, like your dental chair and x-ray sensors for example. So, let’s take a look at the different barrier products that you should consider investing in right here at GPSDent.com.

½ Chair Sleeves for Dental Chairs

For protecting your dental chair, we would highly recommend that you purchase these high-quality 1/2 Chair Sleeves. They are made of tough and resilient clear plastic and come in a one size fits all. This means they will fit over all chairs, to make sure you chair is protected from any spills. When we used these sleeves on our own dental chairs, we noticed that they were more durable than other dental chair sleeves on the market. At just $22, these sleeves are a great investment to keep your chair looking its best.

Keyboard Cover

While keyboards are not the most expensive product, these covers ensure that no bugs lie within the keys of your keyboard. The dentist’s hands are often contaminated and sometimes covered in various fluids, so the covers prevent any of these fluids from harbouring in the keyboard, reducing the risk of infection.

At the end of each day, we would recommend that you wipe the keyboard cover to keep infection risks low. From a cross contamination point of view, make sure you buy this cover.

Computer Mouse Cover 500/box

Similarly, we would recommend you buy these computer mouse covers. They will last usually for half a day, before they need to be replaced, but they are essential for reducing the risks of infection. Therefore, a big box of 500 will last you for a while!

Digital X-Ray Sensor Sleeves

Another barrier product we would recommend are these Digital X-Ray Sensor Sleeves. Protecting your x-ray sensors are essential, as they can be quite prone to damage. If you invest in these sleeves, you will notice that you don’t replace your sensors as often. Each sleeve is manufactured to ensure they are totally leak proof to protect your equipment. The sleeves themselves are made of high-quality durable, tear resistant plastic. They will not interfere with the operation and performance of your X-ray sensors.

X-Ray Head Sleeves

As with x-ray sensors, it is important to take measures to protect your X-ray heads. They are also susceptible to damage from any fluid that the heads may come into contact with. Our X-Ray Head Sleeves have been manufactured with the aim of ensuring that the sleeves are able to fit nearly all x-ray heads currently in use. The sleeves measure 15" x 26". It is important to note that because the sleeves have a clear plastic construction, this makes sure that they do not interrupt the use of the X-ray. When they need to be removed, they easily slip off.

Tray Sleeves

Tray sleeves are also a recommended purchase for protecting your trays. This reduces the amount of washing that you need to do, as all you need to do is dispose of the sleeve after each treatment and apply a fresh sleeve. This also minimizes the risk of infection, which is a key consideration.

The tray sleeves that we sell are able to cover the entire instrument tray. The sleeves themselves are made using high quality clear plastic. You will find that they are quick to apply, and when you are finished, they are also quick to remove. The tray sleeves are available in two different sizes, and to ensure you have a good supply, there are five hundred sleeves in each pack.

Syringe Sleeve Covers

Have a look at these Syringe Sleeve Covers. They are able to fit to all 3-way air/water syringes. Each sleeve comes with a pre-punched opening, which makes applying and removing the sleeve a very easy task. The sleeves can also be used to cover and protect other pieces of equipment such as handpieces, saliva ejectors and ultrasonic scalers. The sleeves themselves measure 2.5" x 10" and they come in a box of 550 sleeve covers.

Light Handle Sleeves

W would also recommend you add these Light Handle Sleeves to your list of purchases. The Light Handle Sleeves are made of high-quality clear plastic, and you will find that they are simple to fit and remove. The dimensions of the sleeves are 4" x 5.75". This means they are suitable for use with nearly all light handles.

Ledex Curing Light Sleeves

For Ledex LED Curing Units, we would recommend these Ledex Curing Light Sleeves. There are 100 sleeves per pack. There are two different sizes and there is one pack made for the 80-CL90SL and the other for the 80-CLSLV.

iPad/Tablet Sleeves

For those of us that make use of an iPad in their treatment room, we would recommend you purchase a pack of these iPad/Tablet sleeves.

They have a similar use to the sleeves for keyboards and mice. These tablets are susceptible to damage from any water or fluid that they may come into contact with, so applying a cover helps the longevity of the product. If the tablets are used without a cover, they often pose an infection risk, and because of this, cross contamination is certainly possible. This is why you should use these sleeves to not only protect your tablet, but also the safety of the patients that you treat each day. You will notice that when you make use of these iPad/Tablet sleeves that they are specially constructed so that you can use the tablet as if the sleeve wasn’t there. There are also 100 sleeves per box, so this will last you for some time.

Hopefully you have found this guide to barrier products useful. Make sure you invest in the safety of your patients and staff with these products today.