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Keep Your Dental Staff and Patients Safe with these Supplies


It goes without saying that maintaining patient safety is vitally important. Central to the success of this endeavor is to ensure the dentist and the patient are protected when treatment is in progress, so we thought we would list the supplies you will need to protect all involved.

Disposable Lab Coats

Our disposable lab coats are a must for every dental office. The lab coats have been designed so they are breathable and are able to offer the same fluid-resistance which you would expect from a traditional non-disposable lab coat. The coats are made so that they are non-flammable. For storing tools and other personal effects, the coats have a front pocket, which can be closed to keep the contents from falling out. The coats are perfect for both male and female staff, as they are designed to be unisex. All you need to do is select your size, and the coats are available in the following sizes - small, medium, large and extra-large. There are ten disposable lab coats per pack.

Disposable Tie-Back Protective Gown

Many of us will prefer to wear a tie-back gown instead of lab coats. If you fall into this category, make sure you go ahead and purchase these Disposable Tie-Back Protective Gowns. They offer the same protection that lab coats do, as the tie-back gowns are resistant to any fluids. The gowns are made from a cool and comfortable material to ensure you don’t get overly hot when wearing them. The gowns are both suitable for men and woman and are available in two different sizes.

Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves

Our Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves are also another recommended purchase. These gloves are so easy to put on that powder to ease the entry of the glove onto the hand is not required. This is made possible thanks to the low-friction inner polymer coating of the glove. Many dentist’s hands become irritated by gloves that have the powder in them, so this is a problem you will not have with these gloves. For rigidity, each glove has a beaded cuff for extra strength, and we found there to be excellent tear resistance. To guard against any latex allergies, the gloves are latex free. Each box contains 100 gloves, and the gloves are available in five different sizes (X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large).

Easy Breath Earloop Mask

For protecting your mouth during treatments, make sure you get some of these Easy Breath Earloop Masks. The masks are completely fluid resistant, and we found them to be comfortable to wear, even after prolonged use. The masks themselves are made of soft, 3-ply material with comfortable inner lining. A snug fit is made possible thanks to the soft, round ear loops, which also have a pliable nose band. Those with latex allergies need not worry, as the masks are 100% latex free. There are 50 masks that come in each pack and are available in three different colors - blue, pink or lavender.

Premium Molded Cone Mask

Many dentists prefer a more rigid mask while carrying out treatments. For those who prefer masks like these, we would therefore recommend these Premium Molded Cone Masks. Being completely fluid resistant, they offer excellent protection. To keep the face of the wearer cool, the mask is fitted with a nosepiece that is pliable to facilitate cool and comfortable breathing. To make the mask as comfortable as possible, it is fitted with a soft inner lining. Each box comes with 50 masks, and they are available in two different colors - blue or pink.

U.V. Protective Eyewear

These U.V. Protective Eyewear glasses are essential to guard against damage from any ultraviolet light that is used during treatment. These UV protected glasses were able to filter out at least 99% of the dangerous blue UV light the dentist and the patient could be exposed to during treatment. To maximize protection, the glasses are also fitted with protective side shields. For dentists and patient’s who wear normal glasses, it is possible to wear these U.V. glasses over them.

Patient Bibs

For protecting the clothes of the patient’s upper torso, it is essential that you buy a pack of these patient bibs. The bibs are best described as being 2-ply tissue and 1-ply poly for absorption and patient protection. The bibs are available in five different colors, depending on your preference, and are available in a 13" x 18" size.

1/2 Chair Sleeves

While it is important to protect the dentist and the patient, expensive dental fixtures and fittings need to be protected too. That is why we would recommend these ½ chair sleeves to help protect your dental chair. The covers themselves are made of high-quality clear plastic and offer an excellent fit over nearly all dental chairs. The dimensions of the chair sleeves are 27.5" x 24".

Digital X-Ray Sensor Sleeves


For those of you who are looking to protect your X-ray sensors, we would highly recommend these Digital X-Ray Sensor Sleeves. We all know that digital imaging equipment can be expensive, so these sensor sleeves ensure the longevity of your sensors are maximized and protected from any dirt or fluids. The covers we feel are totally fit for purpose and a worthy investment for all dental treatment rooms.

Tray Sleeves

The last product we would recommend are these Tray Sleeves. They are able to easily and conveniently cover the whole of the tray to minimize clean up times. This allows you to spend more time treating patients than clearing up any mess that you make. The tray sleeves are available in two sizes, and are certainly a worthy investment.

If you purchase all of these products, the safety of your dental treatment room can certainly be maximized. Make sure that you have a browse on our website GPSDent for other safety products.