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Cosmetic Dentistry With Composite Veneers


Cosmetic dentistry accounts for a significant amount of business for general dentists. While teeth whitening may be the king of dental procedures, it’s veneers which provide dentist with the most versatile tool for creating beautiful smiles your patients will love.

Traditional porcelain veneers provide excellent tooth-colored restorations that are durable and long-lasting. Unfortunately they’re also quite costly for many people, and involve shaving down tooth structure in order to properly place them. This presents an expensive and somewhat permanent solution when sometimes a patient only wants a quick fix for an event — a wedding, a party, a public appearance.

Luckily, this is where composite resin veneers shine. Direct-bonded composite resin veneers allowdentists to drastically alter the look of a patient’s smile in a single dental visit, with the entire cosmetic appliance shaped, colored, and set in-chair.

Flowable composite allows you to quickly measure and pour the exact amount of composite you need for your restoration, minimizing time and waste. It can be light-cured and features an easy flow tip for precise placement of the material.

ProFil Universal Micro Hybrid Composite offers the ease of use of Flowable Composite, with an advanced formulation that can be polished for beautiful results. It’s still light-cured, and comes in an impressive 14 shades to easily match your patient’s tooth color. It’s designed for high strength and wear resistance, and won’t chip or crack as quickly as other composite.

But to get these composite restorations finished, you need a curing light.

Light-cured dental composite has been a welcome addition to the dentists’ toolkit by patients. Being able to mold and set the restoration in-place saves everyone time, hassle, and ultimately money.

The Dentmate Ledex is a tool every dentist should make a serious investment in. In just 3 seconds it can cure 2mm of dental composite. There are 6 operational modes, 4 of which are dedicated to dental composite curing. It also features smart heat management to avoid overheating during prolonged usage.

But many of these features can be found in significantly cheaper curing lights. What’s special about this one?

The Dentmate Ledex doubles as a caries detector and plaque inspector. Not only are you getting a high-quality curing light for your cosmetic needs, you’re also getting a state of the art diagnostic tool for your patient checkups. This is an invaluable tool to have in any dental practice.

Give your patients the best results with the right tools for the job. Using the right combination of dental composite and curing light will give them the beautiful smile and lasting confidence they’re after — for a fraction of the price of more permanent cosmetic work.