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7 Beneficial Apps for Your Dental Practice


Currently, we live in a modern age where new technology, software, and innovative apps are becoming a crucial part of our daily life. Whether it is reading, communicating or assessing your weight level, you will definitely have an aspect where an app is already a necessity. The importance of apps is even greater among business owners who use various software and business app to advertise, book, order and also pay workers’ wages.

In short, technology has covered every sphere of our day-to-day running, including our dental health. While you might have heard about famous teeth brushing apps such as Brush Your Teeth Timer, Disney Magic Timer, among others, some dental apps have also been designed to assist dentists in their profession as well as enlighten the patients. To know them, don’t bother to start searching around; they are right down here as follows:

1.  Dental Demo Suite General Practice (DDS GP): Patient Education

This app serves as an image gallery where dentists can post images. Also, it allows users to use stock photos. However, the most beneficial component of the app lies in its ability to explain several common dental issues and provide possible treatments. This app can be used as a remainder if the dentists or the patients would like to share some specific details concerning their dental issues. DDS GP is compatible with Android, Blackberry and iOs devices.

2.  SocialDental

In this age, most people love an online community where they can share info about their daily life – this is one of the major reasons behind SocialDental app. This app enables users to snap their dental habit and show it to their viewers. Dentists stand to gain more from SocialDental because it allows them to capture their practice while at work, then post images of before and after service. If you would like to promote your dental practice as well as link up with prospective clients, SocialDental is one of the best ways to start.

3.  DCStory: Patient Education

While good dentists treat patients, the best ones enlighten them as well. Enlightening your patient as a dentist has been made easier through DCStory app. It is designed to explain clinical information to patients in a detailed and self-explanatory manner. Also, the app provides various treatment plans as well as educational counselling. Additionally, patients will be able to understand the cause of their dental issues properly with the 3D images which it offers. Finally, the app can be used to forward data to patients through email or in a printed form.

4.  Dental Expert

Another useful app for a dental practice is Dental Expert. The app is capable of explaining a series of dental issues, as well as treatments. Also, it provides beneficial details concerning how to maintain excellent dental habits. From the app, you will learn about various dental procedures and some answers to the most frequently asked dental questions.

For instance, if a root canal treatment is necessary to treat a patient, the app will show the exact problem and the solutions. Also, it will estimate the recovery time and the steps involved in the treatment procedure.

5.  Dental Manager

Compared to other apps that focus on dental information, Dental Manager decided to offer something different. This app focuses on establishing treatment plans for patients based on their dental issue. Once the plan is available, the dentist can now forward the details to the smartphone device of the patient. With such information, both the dentist and the patient can plan the appointment. Also, the app allows dentists to keep their patients informed concerning their dental health and treatments.

6.  CDT Code Check

This app is designed by the American Dental Association for dentists and staff. With the CDT Code Check app, doctors and nurses can check procedure codes in a situation where the CDT Manual is unavailable. The app is most useful for doctors who travel from one office to another. Metrics such as code number, keyword and category of service can be used to look up CDT codes. On the app, you will find a complete list of CDT codes, including the new and revised codes with the changes.

7.  Lexi-Dental Complete

Consider Lexi-Dental Complete as a comprehensive library filled with information concerning dental problems, possible solutions and treatments, as well as drug and their effects. Also, the app provides a high-definition picture that enlightens patients better. While the app requires subscribing to a plan, you can make use of the first 30-day trial to see its huge benefits.

Final Note

If you are a dentist or staff working at a dental clinic, you can promote your brand, make your practice easier and enlighten your patients quickly by using one or two of the apps listed herein. Also, as a client, we are convinced that some apps up there will help understand your health issue better.