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Stock Up on these Diagnostic Dental Supplies For Your Treatment Room


The key to being a successful dentist is to recognize and accurately diagnose problems that a patient has with their oral health. This is easier said than done, and even the most experienced dentist will need different pieces of equipment and technology to ensure accurate diagnoses.

Here are the supplies that you should add to your shopping basket that are commonly left out by shoppers.

For the purposes of x-ray, you often need to order a number of supplies for this purpose such as…

Duplicating Film 5 x 12 100/BX

For producing duplicate radiographs with excellent fidelity, we would recommend you stock up on this Duplicating Film. Duplicate radiographs are ideal for putting in with your patients records for future reference, which helps with referrals and transfers that sometimes take place. They are also useful for insurance claims and are perfect for explaining treatment routes with patients. This particular duplicating film is able to be used automatically with dental processors, but it is also possible to use the film manually for creating copies when time is of the essence. You may be interested to hear that this film is different from conventional X-ray film in that the longer you leave the film, the lighter the images produced will be.

Digital Phosphor Plate Barrier Envelopes

It is important to buy these Digital Phosphor Plate Barrier Envelopes . These envelopes are critical to offering a fluid-proof barrier, which is able to protect your phosphor plates and guard against cross-contamination from occurring.

They are especially easy to use, as all you need to do is to peal and stick the envelopes before tearing them off when required. The envelopes themselves are made of a unique vinyl material, which has both a clear front and a black back. This allows the clear side to offer visual confirmation to the dentist on what direction the phosphor plate is pointed in. Because of the textured surface this reduces any surface resistance which may occur, which makes the plate slide into the envelope with ease.

Other dental equipment you may be interested in…

MirrorLite Illuminated Mouth Mirror

No check-up or diagnosis is complete without using the mirror. But, have you considered using a mouth mirror with an integrated light? It is proven that the quality of diagnoses given is improved with the use of the MirrorLite Illuminated Mouth Mirror . When the patient’s mouth is more illuminated, it is easier for the dentist to spot any problems.

The MirrorLite mirror is coated with a tough layer of titanium, which guards against any corrosion and tarnishing from taking place. We would highly recommend the MirrorLite Illuminated Mouth Mirror, not just for oral diagnosis, but for other areas such as oral cancer exams, restorative dentistry, air abrasion and trans-illumination.

For combatting eye and back strain, the MirrorLite Illuminated Mouth Mirror is ergonomic and compact in design. The LED light of the Mirror allows you to see in true color and can be used in an autoclave.

Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves

For conducting safe examinations, we would recommend these latex free Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves . They are made with a low-friction inner polymer coating, which allows the dentist to take the gloves on and off with ease, even after prolonged wearing. Since there is no powder, the problem of powder irritation has gone. Because the gloves are fitted with a beaded cuff, this gives the gloves extra strength and improved resistance to tearing. There is an increasing number of patients who come to the dental office with a latex allergy, so wearing latex free gloves is very important these days. Make sure you make the switch to vinyl gloves today to keep your patients safe.

Alginate – Dustless

For the accurate taking of impressions to help with diagnosis or for making models for closer study, we would recommend this alginate. This is a premium alginate that mixes well to produce a smooth consistency for the impression procedure. Because of the dust-controlled formula of this alginate, there are less airborne particles present when opening and mixing takes place. The alginate has slow dehydration, as well as low surface tension, which allows for consistent, accurate and bubble-free impression models.

For patient comfort, the alginate is mint flavored. In terms of set times, you can expect a “fast set” within just one minute. For a regular set, you can expect a set time of approximately three minutes.

Bite HP Bite Registration Material

We would also recommend buying this Bite HP Bite Registration Material . This registration material has an almost mousse like consistency. Not only is the material useful for bite registration, we’d also recommend using it for copying transfers, as well as producing primary impressions with bite trays. The material has a very respectable durometer of 80 and the material itself flows rather easily, but at the same time will not run or sag.

iCAM High-Quality Digital Intraoral Camera

Lastly, we would recommend the iCAM Intraoral Video Camera . This camera is simple to install and easy to use, and is perfect for helping the dentist identify any problems that may lie within the patient’s mouth, making for more accurate diagnoses. We believe that the quality of this camera is comparable to other branded cameras such as DexCam, SchickCam and SuniCam, as well as other well known “USB” Cams. While the iCAM Intraoral Video Camera has been designed primarily for use with tablets and laptops (which are either based on Windows or MAC), it can also be connected to a desktop if required. All you need is a length of cable to do so.

The camera has a 1.3MP resolution, which is ideal for intra-oral examinations. The camera comes with a fixed-focus lens, and there is also a 6-LED lamp included. For peace of mind, there is also a one-year warranty for the camera, so if you have any problems with it, just send it back to the manufacturers for repair. The camera also works well with the most common software packages such as MiPacs/DentalEye and all Apteryx derivatives.

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