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Bring State Of The Art Dentistry To Your Patients With Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry


Many patients are wary of having sharp objects in their mouth. This phobia can be enough to prevent them ever setting foot in a dental practice – even if they desperately need treatment. One of the many ways to alleviate this stress is to use laser dentistry instead of traditional manual tools.

With laser dentistry, there are no cutting or scraping implements needed. A laser beam does all the work, helping to resculpt gum or make corrections to soft tissues in the mouth easily.

Uses of Soft Tissue Lasers

As the name suggests, soft tissue lasers are the ideal tool to use on any treatment that addresses the soft tissues of the mouth – the tongue, gums, and even the inner cheek. Examples of treatments suitable for soft tissue lasers include:

  • Crown Lengthening: Make tooth crowns appear longer by reshaping the gum line.
  • Gummy Smile: Rework the gum to prevent the appearance of a “gummy smile”.
  • Frenectomy: Laser frenectomies are less invasive and easier on tongue-tied children than traditional methods. May also be used to help those with speech impediments.
  • Soft Tissue Folds (Epulis): Ill-fitting dentures can result in soft tissue folds. These can easily be removed with soft tissue lasers.

Benefits of Soft Tissue Lasers

The benefits of soft tissue lasers extend beyond just making anxious patients more at ease. There are significant benefits to be made in regards to treatment efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes. From ease of operation to decreased post-operative care and complications, soft tissue lasers provide a boon to any dentist:

  • Soft tissue lasers reduce the need for sutures following an operation. In some cases sutures aren’t needed at all.
  • Some treatments can be performed with a soft tissue laser without the need for local anaesthetic.
  • Bleeding at the treatment site is significantly reduced thanks to the laser’s ability to cauterize the wound as it works.
  • Minimizes post-operative infection risk by leaving a sterile working site behind.
  • Lasers are more precise than normal cutting tools, allowing for more conservative treatment. Surrounding healthy tissues can be left unharmed with laser surgery.
  • Surgical sites typically heal faster, and tissue regeneration is typically easier and quicker as well.

Get Ahead of the Pack with Laser

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