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Restorative Supplies That Every Dental Office Needs


Every dental office needs a supply of materials and equipment for carrying out effective restorative dental procedures. It can be hard to remember what you need until you realize that you have run out of something, so we thought we’d highlight the key pieces of equipment and supplies you will need. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Bulk EZ Dual Cure Restorative Composite

First up is the Bulk EZ Dual Cure Restorative Composite . This is perfect for using with direct restorations. The material in the tube starts off as a flowable liquid, but it solidifies once it is cured. After the curing process, it will have similar properties to a traditional light cure composite, which also has high radiopacity.

An unlimited depth of cure is possible, thanks to the self-cure initiators. It is able to be used with most methacrylate-based dental bonding agents, and Bulk EZ is available in three different shades (VITA A1, A2 and A3).

It is possible to use Bulk EZ for the following:

  • Direct restorations (preferably for Class I and II procedures)
  • Cavity liner
  • Core Build-up
  • Luting post

Each trial kit comes packaged with

  • Bulk EZTM A1 syringe (x1)
  • Bulk EZTM A2 syringe (x1)
  • Bulk EZTM A3 syringe (x1)
  • Bulk EZTM 17 gauge mixing tips (x10)
  • Bulk EZTM 19 gauge mixing tips (x10)
  • ZNano TM A2 unit dose (x5)

Cavity Liner with ACP

Next up, we have the Cavity Liner with ACP. This is incredibly simple to apply, and it will attach to all composites and adhesives that you use. 38% ACP (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate) is within the light cured resin. There are two 3ml syringes with each order.

Dentin Desensitizer with Fluoride

Dentin Desensitizer with Fluoride is excellent for helping to prevent dentinal hypersensitivity. It can be administered in an easy one step chairside procedure. The formula works well at closing up dentinal tubules within a matter of seconds. This guards against any fluid shifting which is generally recognized as the main cause of hypersensitivity. The growth of bacteria is also interrupted if you use this formula, which reduces the risks of sensitivity further, as bacteria plays a key part in making a patient’s teeth all sensitive. The Dentin Desensitizer is easy to apply and dries very quickly. It is perfect to be used with nearly all restorative materials for the treatment of cervical sensitivity as well as preventing sensitivity after an operation. Each bottle contains 10ml of formula.

Dispensing Gun - 4:1 & 10:1 HP Cartridge

The dispensing gun is perfect for carefully extruding impression materials, as well as for bite registration materials from cartridges. It has both a release lever and a plunger, which are set up in such a way so that the dentist can simultaneously load and remove the cartridge with ease. The gun can dispense the material safely and simply. This is an essential piece of equipment for all dental offices.

Dual Cure Flowable Core Build-Up Material

Next up we would recommend the Dual Cure Flowable Core Build-Up material . This material has high flexural and compressive strength. It is perfect for procedures where it is difficult for light to be shown upon. It simply and quickly polymerizes thanks to the dual curing properties of the material. It only takes a few seconds for the material to be light cured, and takes just under five minutes to be self-cured. The material changes color, and it does this when the material has become fully cured.

Intermediate Restorative Material (50G Powder 15ml Liquid)

IRM Intermediate Restorative material is designed to be used for intermediate restorations which are to remain in place for no longer than one year. Due to the eugenol that the material contains, it is able to offer sedative qualities on tooth pulp which is hypersensitive. It is generally agreed that this acts as a great thermal insulator.

Commonly, the IRM Intermediate Restorative material is used as a base under cements. There are many other ways in which it could be used such as for emergency placement prior to complete treatment. It is similar in strength to zinc phosphate cement. We also found that it has very good abrasion resistance, which allows excellent sealing properties and low solubility.

Self-Curing Permanent Resin Cement (7ml Automix Syringe with 6 Tips)

elf-Curing Permanent Resin Cement is a multi-purpose cement, which has many properties such as being self-curing and self-adhesive. It is perfect for use in the permanent cementation of crowns, bridges and veneers. The cement has a high bond strength, so it is a strong cement and is completely insoluble in oral fluids. Because of its biocompatibility, it reduces any post-operative discomfort that a patient may feel. This is a versatile solution, which doesn’t contain any eugenol, so we’d recommend that you give it a try.

Temporary Crown & Bridge Material 50ml 10:1

We would also recommend Temporary Crown and Bridge Material 50ml 10:1 . This is a syringeable bis-acryl composite for chairside provisional restorations. The material is fast acting and accurate when used with a good vinyl polysiloxane impression material such as DEFEND Super Hydrophilic VPS (Monophase). The product is available in six different shades, namely A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, and Bleach BL. Each cartridge is available in 50ml sizes, which allows it to fit snugly into a 10:1 style auto mix gun.

Hemostat 30cc Bottle

The Hemostat 30cc is able to prevent against minor gingival bleeding. The product doesn’t have any epinephrine included, which prevents any cardiac reactions in your patients. Hemostat has an excellent shelf life and is stable. It is excellent for halting any bleeding because of crown preparations and placing fillings. It is also ideal for stopping bleeding associated with minor surgery, gingivectomies, as well as gingivoplastys and deep scaling.

We hope this list of restorative products will help make your dental supply purchasing easier! If you need any help or recommendations on which products to purchase, be sure to let us know.

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