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Dress and Protect Your Practice with these Apparel Options


Preventing infection risks are a major part of dental practice operations. From sterilization equipment down to the apparel you wear while you work, everything in a dental practice is geared towards health and safety.

Body fluids are one of the key transmission vectors of infectious disease, and one of the most common you’ll find in a clinic. Often the best protection is simply a physical barrier between yourself and the fluid. For that, you’ll want one of these dental apparel items to keep you, your staff, and your patients safe.

Disposable Lab Coats

Disposable lab coats are an inexpensive way to quickly throw on a protective covering. These coats are more breathable than standard reusable lab coats, without compromising the fluid-resistance and the knit collar and cuffs of non-disposables.

These lab coats feature a generously sized front pocket to easily store items that are needed close to hand. They also feature easy-to-use snap closures, so getting in and out is fast and efficient.

Disposable Tie-Back Protective Gown

These full length gowns are made from a fluid resistant, cool and comfortable material to provide both protection and comfort. These protective gowns are excellent to quickly cover yourself when necessary, and are easy to remove.

An inexpensive alternative to lab coats, they retain certain key features such as waist ties and elastic cuffs. They don’t offer the collar or knitted cuffs of the above design, but the elastic cuffs offer sufficient protections.

Premium Jackets & Lab Coats

For those clinics looking to move away from disposables, these premium jackets and lab coats are for you. Autoclavable and washable, they meet al OSHA requirements for protection against blood-borne pathogens.

Made of triple-layered soft, breathable fabric, these apparel items are fully fluid resistant. They have one breast pocket and two hip pockets for convenience, and knitted cuffs and collars for protection.

Their anti-static properties mean you don’t need to worry about items clinging to them, and they’re fully latex-free for those with allergies.

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