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Want to Grow Your Dental Practice with Social Media? Read Now!


Currently, marketing and bringing your dental practice to the forefront as exceeded mere offline advertising methods such as print ads, TV stations, or radios. To deliver significant traction needed to attract the much-needed clientele to your dental practice, then, you have to engage the influential power of social media.

With the powerful tools of social media marketing, you can provide dentist recommendations which many people seek and consequently, improve your brand awareness among your target audience. To achieve this feat, all you need is to embrace online marketing strategies and implement them consistently. Before you know it, your dental practice will be several steps ahead of your competitions which still rely solely on the conventional way of marketing. The strategies are as follows:

Engage in a Two-way Conversation with Your Audience

Sharing promotional information is good, but getting the attention of your online followers, website readers, and other audiences are the most important thing. Always engage your audience and show that you care profoundly about their health as well as their opinion. Be ready to listen to what your audience has to say and endeavor to create room for an enlightening conversation; ask about their major oral health problems, try to understand what inspires them and find out how you can solve their challenges. This will go a long way in understanding your audiences better.

Once you understand your audiences and recognize their troubles, then, you can tailor your online contents according to what your patients want, solutions, and the reason for them to return to your social media platforms. This is the first step to take if you would like to build a long-term relationship with your clients.

Post Engaging Articles

Don’t just develop articles to promote your dental services, ensure that they are beneficial and entertaining. While you are writing about oral health tips, you can add some dental jokes to get your audience’s attention. In fact, you can add some success stories of your patients with some images to match. In other words, let them have an idea of what it means to be their dentist; ensure that they feel comfortable being your patient.

Upload Videos

More than ever, popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are making videos their top newsfeed. Get greater attention by creating short, useful, entertaining videos that last for about 90 seconds. In your videos, you can greet your patients and team members on their anniversary or birthday. Also, you can live-stream dental conferences, local events, or share patient testimonials. You can even run live Q&A sessions as well as announce the winner of your social media contests. All these will help drive traffic and get a high rate of conversions.

Use Social Media Location Tool

This is a little-known secret of social media tool when it comes to marketing – the location feature. With this tool, you can expose your brand better through a display of your physical address, check-ins, and location targeting. You only need to take two steps:

  1. During your patient’s visit, politely ask them to check-in on Facebook. On their timeline, the event will reflect and help get the attention of their friends who could be your potential patients.
  2. Ask your satisfied patients to tag your Instagram business account whenever they upload a picture of your services. Also, you can encourage them to include a location sticker to their Instagram Stories while at your clinic. In this way, their followers will be tempted to know more about your brand.


Rather than running several social media pages for your business, you are best advised to focus on one or two pages, if you want a consistent and effective online marketing. Find out from your existing clients about their favorite social media platforms, then choose one or two where you have most clients. By doing so, you can benefit significantly from every time spent on social media.

Also, the use of scheduling tools will come handy here. With scheduling tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer, you can post contents on your social media pages automatically. Also, it allows you to track and respond to reader’s questions as well as get an analysis on user’s engagement.

Bottom Line

As a newbie to social media marketing, growing your online presence may be tasking at the beginning. However, once you can successfully implement the strategies listed herein and find out what works best for your brand, you will develop your online patient base in no time.

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